Baker's Violin Rosin FAQs


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Q: Why is my Baker’s is lighter/darker in color than it was with my last order?

Our rosins are made from the sap of living trees.

The trees are constantly affected by weather, and so then is the colophony/sap they produce.

As summer rolls on, the sap tends to become darker than it is at the start of the season.

Also, there is that fact that no two trees produce the exact same colophony, so as we harvest sap from different tree groupings the tint will sometimes vary.

We are mindful with our packaging and have several “check points” in place to insure that mistakes are minimized.

Regardless of variables concerning the trees, because the distillation process is completely different between the two Baker’s blends, the Citron is always lighter than the Original.

Believe me, if your rosin has a burgundy seal then it is Baker’s Original, and if it has a forest green seal it is Baker’s Vuillaume Citron.

Posted October 26, 2013, 5:54 pm in General