Baker's Violin Rosin FAQs


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Q: I’m a retailer and would like to carry your product line of rosins.

Baker’s is only available directly from us and only to our registered members.

This is the only way we can honor our guarantee of the delivery of freshly made rosin.

As I was quoted in our interview with The Strad magazine, “When someone receives a tin of Baker’s they can be quite certain it was, ‘tree juice’ no more than two weeks prior”.

By allowing others to retail our rosins would take from us the ability to insure this guarantee is met and so, no we do not allow our rosins to be open retailed.

Yes, we do understand that it would mean greater profits for us, but we’re musicians first...we are in this for the love of our art, not for profit potential. We do however very much appreciate your interest and are truly sorry that we cannot work with you in this way and it is certainly not meant to offend.

Posted October 26, 2013, 5:57 pm in General