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Q: How do I order Baker's Rosin?

Baker’s rosins are available only to our registered members and only directly from us.

The reason is because our production capabilities are very limited and also, because we make rosin from living trees our production is seasonal...we can’t make Baker’s year round because weather plays a large part in the quality of the raw sap we use.

If we did allow open retailing our rosins though, we’d “sell” more than we can produce and would end up in trouble, so we use the member list in order to have some control over production and sales.

Also, rosins are pinene based and for our purposes pinene has a useful life of about one year, so we refuse to store or stockpile rosin. Each member order is made fresh, just for them.

We believe that a person should get all of the useful one year life a rosin has to offer and not pay for the time it spends sitting in storage or on a store shelf.

Here’s the problem with mass-producing rosin –

In order to mass produce as todays rosin industry does, one has to create large quantities of product well in advance of the sale.

Then the rosin is stored by the maker until ordered by and shipped to various retailers.

Once at the retailers it will then again sit until finally purchased for use.

We have learned absolutely that production rosins can and do sit in storage and on store shelves for months, sometimes even years before they are finally purchased for use!

This to us means that all too often people are buying dead stale product, but assuming they are buying fresh and new.

For this reason we will never allow our rosins to be open retailed.

As I was quoted in our interview with The Strad magazine, “When someone receives a tin of Baker’s they can be quite certain it was, ‘tree juice’ no more than two weeks prior”.

The only way to live up to that is to make each member order fresh, one batch at a time and then send it directly to the member within fourteen days so, that’s what we do.

To become a member one needs only to fill out and submit the membership request form found -HERE- at our website.

When rosin does become available for you we will send to your email address an, “Invitation to Order”.

Members respond to that email invitation with their order details.

We will then fill the order and package it for shipment.

Once your order is packaged and ready to be shipped we will then send you an email invoice from which payment can be made via credit card through Pay Pal or via Pay Pal Savings.

We also accept personal checks and postal money orders, but in the case of personal checks, first shipment is delayed until checks clear our bank.

We are not yet able to process credit card numbers through email or telephone.

Please, do not contact us to ask when rosin will be available for you...we really don’t know.

Posted October 26, 2013, 5:44 pm in General