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Q: How long will my Baker’s last?

In an effort to discourage the use of rosin past it’s “prime” we designed the size of our cakes to last a typical working musician for about one year.

For others it can last much longer, but we are strongly opposed to using any rosin that is more than one year old past the date it was created as we believe that pinene, the basis of most all rosins has a useful life period of about one year before oxidation and evaporation begin to rid it of it’s fats and sugars content thus degrading it’s ability to perform at peak.

We’ve done our best to offset this natural degradation by housing our rosins in U.S. government certified food-grade tins.

In our opinion, this is the best storage medium currently available short of vacuum sealing.

Although cardboard or cloth is a common packaging for rosins they are both porous and therefore not the best protection from the ambient environment.

Plastic is also porous and for those who may doubt this we suggest asking a K-9 cop if his “partner” can sniff through Tupperware :)

In an effort to encourage proper storage, our cakes are adhered to the tin lids so that when you put the lid back on you are also storing the rosin in the best practical environment possible.

Although few in number, some members have found this arrangement to be inconvenient, and for those members we gladly offer to ship their orders with the cakes loose within the tins rather than adhered to the tin lids.

Posted October 26, 2013, 5:53 pm in General