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The best I've ever used. With synthetic strings, it also softened their hard edged sound. Indeed I intend to continue using this rosin from now on. Heifetz used clear Hill's rosin, and very sparingly. Good stuff, but he would have preferred Baker's.

Stephen Redrobe

The rosin is superb and I highly recommend it to violinists who want to have a bite in their bow again.

Aaron Rosand

If you’re like me, you probably haven’t given much thought to the rosin you use. The conventiuonal wisdom has been that folks who play on steel strings tend to gravitate to darker, softer, rosins, while synthetic-core string users seem to like lighter-colored rosin. We probably all have a favorite type, but I had kind of assumed that “rosin is rosin” until I was recently sent samples of two remarkable hand-made rosins from T.C. Baker. This gentleman has been hand-tapping colophony (resin) from living trees in Florida. He taps his trees only during the hottest months of the year, when the resin particles are smaller. He then adds barks, sugars, element metals and beeswax to the colophony in accordance with old recipes dating back to the days of Vuillaume and Paganini. Brewed in either copper kettles (Original Rosin) or distilled in earthen vessels (Vuillaume Rosin), the rosin is then sun-dried. Mr. Baker’s research has shown him that rosin, an organic substance, deteriorates with time. Therefore, rather than wholesaling it to stores where it may sit on a shelf for months or years, he sells his rosin by mail-order directly to his customers to ensure freshness. He also seals each cake in a metal tin to protect it from air. To quote Mr. Baker, “To make rosin this old-world way has to be a labor of love rather than a quest for profit. Like art, that's just the way it is.” My wife Claudia Anastasio has been using the Baker's Vuillaume Citron rosin. Here’s her review: Like the finest old-recipe distilled liquor, this artisan-made rosin has layers of quality ‘tastes’ that you discover joyfully with every bowstroke. What I love most is that it has incredible grip without being sticky or scratchy—great for articulating fast, bouncy, rhythm-centric old-time tunes. I use Prims, and this rosin draws a really big sound over and over, warming up the edginess of the steel strings, while you rosin your bow less and less. Highly recommended! After a few days with the Vuillaume rosin, I switched over to the Original formulation. Mr. Baker says that this formula is a little darker than the Vuillaume, and indeed it seemed more similar to the dark rosins I had been using previously. I use Jargar forte-gauge steel strings, and the Original rosin really grabbed the strings without being scratchy. The more I played with the rosin, the more I liked it. I could play for hours, then wipe off just a dusting of rosin from the top of the fiddle. As Mr. Baker says, “You hear the violin, not the rosin.” Baker’s rosins currently sell for $14.95, a real bargain considering the labor-intensive methods with which they are made. I ordered several of each style, as both Claudia and I are convinced that these are the best rosins we’ve ever tried. Baker’s Rosin’s Web page is: There you can find fascinating information about the rosin-making process, testimonials and information on ordering the rosin. An interesting footnote: Mr. Baker has recently been experimenting with some new formulations, and has kindly sent me some samples. I have just begun to test them, but they are excellent as well.

Paul Anastasio -Fiddler Magazine

My BAKERS Rosin came in the mail today!
Unbelievable difference in sound, but greater difference in how the bow feels and how the violin feels!
I'm not telling anybody----I could sell a violin just with a bow treated with this.
It really helps you get the emphasis notes and phrasing.
Totally worth the wait! Did I mention I like it? I LIKE IT alot!

Miles Mibeck

I got my Baker's rosin early last week, and my opinion before I got it was that I expected it to be very good, but I could really not imagine that it could possibly be anything beyond normal high end rosin. I mean, how much better can a rosin be than any other rosin?
Well, after trying it, I got my answer. The 'grippyness' and the quietness are the two qualities that struck me the most. I am tempted to just put all the other rosins I have gotten over the years in a box and post it on ebay, because I won't be putting any of that on any of my bows anymore.

Gordon Kersten

I got your rosin yesterday. I couldn't believe my ears and I had to ask my wife about her opinion, so I would be sure it wasn't me just wanting to be optimistic... She was equally impressed! I just put a new set of Evah on my violin (for several years I neglected them, because I was trying to match strings to my violin) and with your rosin the sound is just unbelievable. This is the best rosin I have ever played on, and I don't think I can go back. I hope you will teach your family the secret of the recipe, so this awesome rosin can be used for many artists. I feel honored to use it." I personally would pay more for this quality rosin. I payed $25 for the Paganini cake (which I happily threw out in the garbage, after trying yours), and yours is definitely better!

Edgar Pulgar

It was possible to try your Cremona rosin and I found it is exquisite in quality: it grips the string best, the sound is round and without noise, only little dust which can be removed easily, a rosin which can be wished from the player.

Siegfried Schmollinger

I got your rosin a few days back. I have not yet tried the Citron rosin - I'm too obsessed with the original right now. First thing I noticed was that Baker's original immediately solved my issues with adhesion of rosin. I've been trying for about a year now to find a rosin that would stick well to both the bow and the string and well, this is it. I have a rather heavy hand and rosin has a hard time staying on my bow for more than 10 minutes of continuous playing. After that time my violin is caked with rosin dust and I have to reapply rosin to my bow. But with this stuff, I only applied the rosin once and ran on that one application for several fiddle-playing sessions. You've got something really amazing here. When I was in orchestra it was not uncommon for me to have to reapply rosin in the middle of the conductor's instructions. I wish I had this stuff back then. Not only does it stick but it has a balance of sound I am happy with. I don't think I'll be using my Jade rosin again.

David Segovia

I really like the rosin a great deal. It feels and sounds great.


Your rosin is amazing. When my friends use it for the first time, the response is always the same: They play one bow, stop, and say "wow!" Then a few more bows,
another "wow", more thoughtful than the first one, and then they start asking questions about how they can get it. I will certainly never go back to that other dusty crap.

Scott Esty

I continue to be pleased with your product. And that's saying something from someone who has tried about 15 rosins in the last several years.

Dean Drescher

I love your Original! All my musician friends want to try it, no matter what they play: violin, alto, gamba... I've been using it on my baroque cello (with gut strings) for quite a while now and I must say it's by far the best I ever tried.
Two of my cello friends who tried it out during a baroque course were so enthusiastic that I promised them to have it sent to them as my present.

Helmut Stierle

The rosin received, and much appreciated. I have tried only the dark rosin so far, but it's clearly a superior product, and you notice the difference immediately. A pleasure to use.

David Sanderson

I wanted to let you know how much I LOVE my rosin! First of all, the packaging is What a nice touch. It makes applying it to my bow more like a sacred act. I love that your trees have names! but your secret is safe with me ;) Just knowing how much love went into making it also amps up the "special" factor. But the icing on the cake is the fact that the rosin itself is incredible!!
With saw playing, a lot of rosin is needed to help get the vibration going, and your rosin has an incredible grip that gets it going with little effort, but without muttering little squeaks! It definitely improved my playing.

Sara Ruch

Greetings from Ireland! I have tried your rosin and am very impressed!

Gary Leahy - Bowmaker

I recently placed an order and received one unit of Baker's Original, to which I am now addicted. Many thanks for your attention to detail in the making and selling of your fine rosin. Your product and service are in a class by themselves.

Anthony Barletta

Hi Tom, I received the rosin and wanted to drop you a note about it. I certainly was looking forward to trying your rosin especially considering all the good things I heard. I must say that I have used, just about every violin rosin on the planet as I am certainly a tone junkie! I heard that your rosin had great qualities etc…., however, they were wrong. Your rosin is PERFECT!!!.
Your product has surpassed my wildest dreams regarding great violin rosin. I am so impressed with the sound on my violin when using your Baker’s Violin Rosin that it is incredible! I wish you and your company many years of wonderful success and I look forward to acquiring your rosin every year from now on. Kudos to you my friend!!!!
Thank you So Much!!!!

J. Dillon

Dear TC,
Thank you so much for the rosin -- I absolutely love it! I just cleaned off my bow, applied your rosin, and enjoyed playing more than I have in a long time. I am currently using D'Addario Helicore strings and this rosin really brings out a warm tone.
Best regards,

Mary Larsen - Editor - Fiddler Magazine

Hi T C,
I wanted to let you know I've been using your Baker's Rosin for about 3 weeks and it is the BEST rosin I've ever used. I play old time country music and my fiddle has noticeably more volume. The sound is cleaner and the bow grips the strings easily. It is much easier to produce a good tone with your rosin. I honestly play better with your rosin. My wife and daughter noticed my fiddle sound was much warmer and prettier without me asking them. I've tried several other rosins but none can come close to your Baker's rosin. I was very pleasantly surprised when I started using your rosin. It was the "magic rosin" I had been hoping for but didn't know actually existed. Until you've tried Baker's rosin you really don't know what your missing, even if you can sense it like I did.
I'm telling everyone about your rosin! Baker's rosin makes my fiddle sound like a better instrument! There's music in the Florida Trees. Please keep me on your mailing list.

David Ronan

I really like the rosins! I have tried them both on different bows and instruments and they really seem to bring out more tone.
Thanks much,

Bob T.

Dr Mr. Baker,
The Rosins came today and I must say 1, Thank you very much and 2, Holy moly! It is unbelievable that a little cake of rosin can make such a difference. I'm completely floored how much more responsive the bow is with the string and how much smoother the tone has become. AMAZING! If we all took some time in our lives to create something, even miniscule on the large scale, but with honesty and quality like this Rosin, I think we'd be better off as people. That being said. I think what you're making is priceless. Thank you and Kind Regards

Boris Kupesic

I love the rosin and the presentation. I decided to present the 2nd shipment as a gift to a friend who is a really fine fiddler. Thank you again.


I just tried your beautiful rosin. Great grip, no dust and my modest little fiddle got loud, got some authority! I tossed my other rosins.
God bless and keep up the good work.


Thank you for all your help, support and awesome rosin. You two are the best.

Patti Kelly

I've been using your rosin for several hours now, since it arrived yesterday. Wow! It's every bit as good as I thought it might be. Today we've been rehearsing Pictures at an Exhibition by Mussorgsky/Ravel, which is a really good chance to work out with many different styles of playing, and this rosin has made my work a lot easier. First impressions are hard, but everything seems a lot better than before - my bow is basically grippier than before, but not in a harsh way at all. It's a lot easier to articulate notes, and because of the ease of articulation greater clarity can be achieved in soft passages, while still maintaining full tonal color. And of course when playing loud it's easier to pop out accents and such. When you have good (or great) equipment, using this rosin is like using the right grade of gasoline in your mercedes or porsche for the first time. I've only tried the original rosin so far - it'll be a couple of days or weeks before I try out the citron. Several of my colleagues tried it today also. Several of them said they could tell a real difference. I suspect I won't be the only new customer - I hope you have room on your mailing list!

Stephen Drake, cellist, The Nashville Symphony

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