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  • A few minutes before performing recently a chamber concert with my colleague violinist Martin Beaver, he offered me to try the Baker rosin he owns, as my bow was acting funny with uneven response due to new hair and capricious weather.
    After just 2-3 swipes I noticed a clear difference in contact and immediate response in my D.Pecatte bow, which gave me tremendous sonorous and projective quality of sound in my performance. Of course I am eager to receive my own Baker rosin and perhaps in the near future help another violinist just like Martin helped me with his magic (BAKER) rosin.

    Sergiu Schwartz
  • I have to say that your rosins (I use them together), are extremely long-lasting (I only rosin my bow once every few days now), and I feel as though I am hearing the instrument, not the rosin. If there ever were an "egoless" rosin, this is it. It possesses all the best qualities of many far more expensive rosins, but yours "stays out of the way" of the purity of the sound of the instrument and helps realize more depth and bite without hearing any kind of crunch that one often encounters. And believe me, I have tried them all. My wife can attest to tripping over them all over the house.

    Yours is the Emperor of rosins, Mr. Baker.

    Another loyal customer and believer,

    Robert deMainePrincipal Cello, Los Angeles Philharmonic Soloist, recitalist, teacher
  • I am amazed by the immediate improvement the Original rosin can make. I'll always use this rosin! It helps produce and control a full smooth legato while also allowing clear, clean articulation. Thanks!

    Julian Ross
  • Greetings Sir,
    Thank-you for sending me this rosin.
    As an intermediate stage beginner, it fast tracked
    my playing ability remarkably- turning frustrating
    practice into pleasurable playing.
    Best regards,

    Stephen Dootz
  • Everything written in these testimonials is true it really has nothing to compare to it.
    Buy it try it and you will never regret it.

    Christopher Calderba
  • Without a doubt the greatest rosin available! It offers just the right amount of "grip" with comparatively little residue, the bow stays in the string making sound production much more easy by simply allowing the bow to glide. The biggest difference I noticed right away is that the centre of pitch is far greater here than with any other rosin. The sound will never squelch, and is always focused and effortlessly rich. I will absolutely be a repeat costumer!

    Bradley Bosenbeck
  • I've tried Baker's Original and I'm very happy with the results. It grabs well and plays very smoothly with out scratchiness. I'm pulling better tone out of my fiddle as well.

    Seamus McCoy
  • Dear Tom,
    Thank you so much for sending our order here down under(Australia).
    The process was tricky but you are such a wonderful business man and passionate rosin maker you made it happen. My daughter is only 16 years old but has been playing violin since she was 5 years old.She is in quite high grades now and attends the performing arts school. She loves her Bakers rosin, she says it takes the effort out of the bow.In her more complex and fast pieces there is no scratchy sounds and much smoother transition across the strings. I am not a professional so my comments are purely on what I hear and I can hear the difference.Nat has only tried the original rosin so far, but her teacher is so impressed she wants to try it herself.I can not recommend your rosin highly enough and your service is impeccable. Thankyou so much Tom you are the best!

    Liz Cox
  • I've been a violist with the Boston Symphony for 49 years, so have tried many rosins over my career. A former student of mine found Bakers rosin and had me try it. What a revelation! Even without good bow hair you'll be amazed at the difference. With good hair, which I've been fortunate to find for most of my career, the difference was dramatic. I love the dark (original) rosin on my viola. Another plus was that I discovered that even pizzicato was better, since the rosin helped make it cleaner and more reliable, especially if I need to play quiet pizzicatos. Its definitely the best rosin out there, and I will continue to use it until I finally have to stop playing.

    robert barnesViolist - Boston Symphony Orchestra
  • Well, it is finally time to add to the chorus. No this is not just another rosin. Maybe its fresh, maybe its carefully made, maybe its prayed over or magic or whatever. I was ready to get my Schaeffer master bow rehaired- not a huge hair-loss but just worn. At this point it has new life for I don't know how much longer. ...Simply lovely stuff.

    David Prichard
  • I used to think the rosin can't make all that much difference, and Baker's can't be all it's cracked up to be. But it does, and it is. Thank you very much.

    Roger Neighbour (UK)
  • Mr. Baker has been extremely kind to me with his rosins! He has sent me samples in time for my concert tour last year, and the rosins really enabled me to bring out the best tone possible from my violin. Combining the original formula with the citron really gives such a colorful tone to the violin, and I just look forward to the new rosins so much! Thank you so much Mr. Baker!

    Kamalakiran Vinjamur
  • I love my Baker's Original! It may sound silly, but I actually feel as if my bow is recambered -- the upper third of it speaks much easier than before and the volume is more even throughout the bow. It is also felt as if the bow is rehaired by the world's best rehairer with the top most quality hair! It truly brings out the beautiful timbre of my violin!

    David Huang
  • I am thoroughly enjoying and appreciating my Baker rosin which was more than worth the wait! It helps me to create specific sounds, tone colors and articulations with much more ease. I have also used it on my students' bow when they could use a little boost. I find that it helps the left hand as well as the bow arm. I personally like the original a bit more but appreciate and use both of the formulas. Thank you so much for creating this special rosin.

    Karen Olson
  • A remarkable , even revelatory product. With a light application it imparts incision and depth to the sound yet never gives that heavy, gummy feeling that so often accompanies the rosining process. I've been trying it for the last few weeks and so wish I could have made use of this my entire career. Very highly recommended!

    Paul ArnoldViolinist - Philadelphia Orchestra