Baker's Violin Rosin is 100% hand-made and based on an authentic Cremona recipe dating back to the time of Paganini.
Our colophony is tapped from living trees, which results in a superior rosin and a fresher product.
We tap only once each year during the hottest months, when the highest quality colophony flows.
The raw product is then brewed in solid copper kettles until (as per the translated recipe) "the colophony can be drawn out no more than a thumb's width across a polished stone."
At that time we add a special blend of ingredients which include select conifer resins, barks and element metals. When brewing is complete the rosin is hand poured into molds and left under the sun to cool slowly and naturally. There are several other steps and ingredients involved in our process, all of which we keep to ourselves. But, rest assured that Baker's Violin Rosin is 100% natural and of the highest quality obtainable.

Baker's Violin Rosin is proud and honored to be endorsed by Maestro Stephen Redrobe of London, England.
Maestro Redrobe is a renowned violin pedagogue and was also the teaching assistant to world famous violinist, the late Erick Friedman. Mr. Friedman was unique in having both been a protoge of Heifetz and disciple of Milstein.
Maestro Redrobe is also known for the acclaimed film production; "Violin Secrets of The Great Masters".
Of Baker's Violin Rosin, Maestro Redrobe says; "The best I've ever used. With synthetic strings, it also softened their edged sound. Indeed I intend to continue using this rosin from now on."

Commonly noted attributes of Baker's Violin Rosin-

Note: Baker's Violin Rosin is a seasonal product and is made in limited quantities. Unlike production rosins, Baker's Violin Rosin is never stored (shelved until it's sold), therefore availability fluctuates. To ensure future orders, please feel free to join our mailing list.

Thank you for choosing Baker's Violin Rosin.

Baker's Violin Rosin is packaged in certified food-grade tins that maintain freshness longer than cloth bags or porus plastic containers.

The rosin cake is affixed to the lid with a wooden spacer in between. We do this for a couple of reasons

The wooden spacer also allows the bow hair to reach all of the useable product so that no wasted rosin remains in the lid.
We suggest holding the lid inverted in one hand and drawing the bow over the cake with the other hand.